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At Externalia we have the strength and conviction from which the best projects and ideas are born. We build partnership relationships with our clients and we partner with companies as leaders in their sector with the clear objective of bringing more value to your projects. Meet our partners and discover what our relationship with each of them can bring.


The best technology allows us
to maximise the ROI of our visits

Vincle Internacional is a technology consultancy specialized in offering solutions for the optimization of the commercial process. With over 30 years of experience and specialisation working with consumer products companies and pharmaceutical laboratories.

Through its CRM, the different processes and profiles involved in the commercial activity are covered, providing a platform to define, execute and monitor the commercial strategy.

Thanks to teamwork, we have implemented the most technologically advanced solutions in our teams for the Perfect Visit methodology, helping us to maximise the return of our visits:

Prioritise actions with potential to generate greater return.

The data reporting is fast and intuitive, so time is saved in value-generating activities.

Suggesting commercial actions oriented to the reality of each.

The tool collects all the necessary information for managers to perform their functions efficiently.



To optimize the performance of our teams.


Thanks to the joint work with its R+D department, we maintain a process of continuous improvement that allows us to respond to our clients’ concerns.


Vincle Analytics: Control panel that provides our clients with relevant information for decision making.

Héctor Recio

"The relationship and partnership with Externalia allows us to continuously improve our solutions. Their business knowledge and experience in coordination of commercial teams together with their constant search for the optimisation of their processes forces us to be at the forefront of technology.Being able to test and evaluate ideas in the field allows us to provide proven solutions to achieve commercial excellence.

Héctor Recio

General Manager Vincle

Barna Consulting Group.

Has improved large
company commercial strategies
through consultancy and training.

In such a dynamic environment as the current one, in which markets are transforming, competition is global and it is necessary to adapt to new customer behaviours.


Multi-sector knowledge of its professionals.

Commitment to excellence and personalised dedication.

Work and personal development of business managers and teams.

Use of own reference methodologies.

Vision based on emotional intelligence and attitudes.

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