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Commercial Network

· Point of Sale Management
· Sales Reps
· Merchands
· Sales Promoters
· Tele Sales

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· Recruiting
· Incentive systems
· Methodology of the visit
· Coverage and approach to the channel
· Technology and processes

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· Implementation of planograms
· Implementation of promo plans and displays
· Implementation of visibility materials
· Visual Merchandising
· Window dressing

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· Audits
· Mystery Shopping

Iconos Home Servicios integrales para tu fuerza de ventas


· Brand Ambassadors
· Trainers
· Tasting
· Sampling
· Experiential Marketing

Our customers

They have
trusted us.

Why choose Externalia as a commercial outsourcing company?

We work together
to maximise your sales.


We seek to maximise the profitability of our projects


We have experience in a variety of sectors and channels


Vincle has been dedicated to technological innovation in the commercial process for over 25 years


Customised pattern of preparation, execution and subsequent analysis


We seek to maximise the profitability of our projects.

Our teams are 100% results oriented.
We establish metrics which allows us to measure the return of each action.

We combine the obtainment of short-term results with a vision of long-term results that allows for a sustainable improvement of results.


Through Externalia’s Perfect Visit model our commercial teams follow a pattern of preparation, execution and subsequent analysis in a personalised way on each visit. This allows us to maximise the amount of time the sales staff dedicate to value-generating functions and, furthermore, to be better prepared for any unforeseen event that may arise during the visit.

In an environment as competitive as the one in which we operate, how and when make a difference.


Vincle has been dedicated to the business innovation technology for more than 25 years. They know the perfection of our business and that makes them an excellent business partner for Externalia.

With Vincle’s Sales Management solution, Externalia is at the forefront of technological solutions for the commercial team. We can adapt solutions according to the needs of each project and give the best coverage to each of our customers.
Our solution includes the methodology of Perfect Visit, developed to maximise the return of visits.

Our clients have a personalised control panel to be able to analyse the effectiveness of our work in real time.
Gartner endorses Vincle as a Representative Vendor for ‘Retail Execution and Monitoring Solutions for the Consumer Goods Industry’ in its recent Market Guide.


We have experience in a variety of sectors and channels that provides us with specific knowledge of each of them.

We understand that environments are ever-changing, which is why we are flexible and adapt.

The team is the key to our success: we select the best profiles according to the specific needs of each project and offer them continuous training.

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Our results


The names of the projects are not disclosed for confidentiality. In case you are interested we can contact current clients so that you can resolve any possible concerns.

+ 18%

of significant savings vs. its previous proprietary structure. More focus and specialisation by teams/channels. Improvements in the main business KPIs: Distribution, space quota, reduction of out of stocks, improvement in % of promotional compliance, significant increase in local negotiations. Turnover <5% per year.

+ 60%

In-Store Operability Ratio. In 6 out of 10 visits we get a second location negotiated locally by the SR (Gondola-end, Display, other 2nd placements...).

+ 88%

of distribution of the new products in just 3 visits. Launch of 6 new references in a chain of hypermarkets. 3 visits in a row are agreed upon with a cadence of 15 days. In the first visit 20% of the shops had the 6 references, in the second visit 72% and in the third visit 88%.

10 years is a long time

More than 10 years accompanying our clients. Our goal is to achieve the highest return on each visit.


To be a reference in the sector of externalisation of commercial teams through of the creation of long-term alliances with our clients.

How to achieve it:

  • We attract, develop and retain talent.
  • We challenge our clients.
  • We share our know how and have initiative.
  • We adapt to the changing environment.
  • We are committed to excitement and passion with the projects.


  • Commitment: to our teams and our customers.
  • Responsibility: creation of sustainable values.
  • Results-Oriented: specific metrics.
  • Adaptability to the environment: multi-category and multi-sector experience.
  • Initiative: we are the hands, head and heart of the brands we represent.


At Externalia, we have the strong belief that the best projects and ideas are born from teamwork. We build partnership relationships with our clients and partner with leading companies in their sector with the clear objective of bringing more value to your projects. Meet our partners and discover what our relationship with each of them can bring you.


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Can we
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Do you need to boost your sales?

Do you lack visibility and/or presence at the point of sale?

Are you devoting a lot of resources and not obtaining the expected results?

Does your company have effective incentive systems?

Are you visiting the best shops possible? Are you doing it with the right frequency? Do you have enough information about the competition?

Do you need a partner to help you with their field experience in improving your route to market?

Do you need to implement a successful product in store and you don't know which is the best way to do it?

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