Our intention is to be an example on providing Point of Sale Management services through creating long lasting alliances with our Customers.

We get to achieve this by:

  • Attracting, developing, and keeping talent.
  • Challenging our customers.
  • Sharing our know-how and showing initiative.
  • Adapting to a constantly changing environment.
  • Committing to all our projects with illusion and passion.



  • Commitment to our teams and customers.
  • Responsibility: creation of a sustainable value.
  • Results-oriented: detailed KPI’s.
  • Adaptability to the environment: multi-category & multi-sector experience.
  • Initiative: we are the hands, head, and heart of the brands we represent.
  • Continuous improvement: of our quality control processes.

Fulfillment of the requirements: either legal or other types related to the provision of services mentioned in this policy.




Barcelona, Septembre 2021.

The requirements for the management of the Points of Sale are determined by our clients, so that in our quality processes a process for the design of point of sale management is not applicable.

The information to be reported to our clients, as management follow-up, is collected only with trained human resources, and no measurement method is used with other resources to validate them.